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CANNIBAL FEROX: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe gatefold edition) (limited color vinyl) LP

Limited to 500 copies, only available from!

Includes a Grindhouse Releasing slipmat for your turntable!

Attention vinyl collectors and fans of Italian exploitation cinema! Grindhouse Releasing is excited to announce the limited audiophile edition of the CANNIBAL FEROX soundtrack on vinyl.

For the first time on vinyl, Budy-Maglione's original stereo mix has been meticulously restored and sourced from the master tapes. This release includes bonus outtakes, gatefold packaging featuring the original theatrical artwork and all-new liner notes by Tim Ferrante - a must-have for fans of the film and record collectors alike!

But that's not all – this release will also be available in three extremely limited colors of vinyl: 'Cocaine-Crazed White' (100 copies), 'Jungle Green' (200 copies), and 'Carnage Crimson' (200 copies).

For the FEROX completists, we also have a few test pressings and transitional colors available... order now, they will sell out fast!

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William Grefé's IMPULSE

Our next Blu-ray release will be William Grefé's shocking 1974 psycho-thriller IMPULSE, starring William Shatner, Ruth Roman, and Harold "Odd Job" Sakata!

We've assembled an ambitious slate of bonus features for this epic release, packing over 15 hours of insanity. 

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Fewer than 70 copies remain of this beautiful hardcover Rudy Ray Moore biography.
Only 2000 copies were produced.
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7/1/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, Winnipeg, MB

7/6/2023 – THE BEYOND, Proctors Theatre, Schenectady, NY

7/11/2023 – CANNIBAL FEROX, Mahoning Drive-In Theatre, Lehighton, PA

7/14/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/15/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/16/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/17/2023 – CANNIBAL FEROX, American Cinematheque – Los Feliz 3, Los Angeles

7/17/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/18/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/19/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/20/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/28/2023 – THE BEYOND, Row House Cinema, Pittsburgh, PA

7/29/2023 – GONE WITH THE POPE, Digital Gym Cinema, San Diego, CA

8/27/2023 – IMPULSE, Majestic Tempe 7, Tempe, AZ

10/27/2023 – THE EVIL DEAD, Gateway Film Center, Columbus, OH

Christina Hornisher's HOLLYWOOD 90028 - coming soon!

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