Limited time 'BOGO' merch offer!

Receive a FREE Grindhouse face mask by purchasing a T-shirt, hat or sweatshirt!

Grindhouse Releasing has launched a limited offer giving fans a chance to mask up for free with the purchase of any T-shirt or other clothing item! Designs include the stylish EVIL DEAD masks from our hit drive-in release of Sam Raimi's 1981 classic, Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND, and  the vintage '70s horror art of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD!

Choose from these killer Grindhouse Releasing shirts available now:: PIECES, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUSTCANNIBAL FEROXCAT IN THE BRAINTHE BEYONDI DRINK YOUR BLOOD, EVIL DEAD DRIVE-IN TOUR. No discount code necessary! Keep in mind that all masks are strictly limited, so be sure to place your order right away. 

This offer runs through (1/31/2021)

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THE SWIMMER 3-disc Blu-ray arrives in new slipcover!

Grindhouse Releasing's award-winning Blu-ray release of THE SWIMMER is back in a handsome new slipcover edition!

Don't miss this incredible deluxe edition of director Frank Perry's 1968 cult classic starring Burt Lancaster and Janet Landgard, and based on the story by John Cheever. Presented in a pristine hi-def transfer, the 3-disc set includes director Chris Innis's acclaimed documentary "The Story of THE SWIMMER", a new CD remaster of the magnificent score by Marvin Hamlisch, and more!

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NEW: Grindhouse Releasing tapestries!

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