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THE CURE: Three Imaginary Boys (180 gram vinyl) LP

THE CURE: Three Imaginary Boys (180 gram vinyl) LP

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The Cure Three Imaginary Boys on 180g LP

Originally a postpunk outfit with gothic leanings, The Cure evolved into one of the most visionary, creatively satisfying and influential groups to come of age in the 1980's. From dreamy pop to moody expressionism, their signature sound is adventurous, hypnotic, and rich with texture. Formed in 1976 by Robert Smith and schoolmates Michael Dempsey (bass) and Laurence Tolhurst (drums), The Cure's stunning 1979 debut, Three Imaginary Boys, on U.K.-based Fiction Records launched an extraordinary career and enduring worldwide popularity.

After touring for almost all of 1977 as a quartet, the band rearranged their line-up with the sacking of Porl Thompson, giving birth to an unusual power trio. This line-up lasted only for their first record, making it unique in its essentially minimal sound. The year was now 1978, and the three (imaginary?) boys soon signed to Chris Parry's Fiction Label. The album was subsequently released in the US with a different title (Boys Don't Cry - after one of the band's best selling singles) and featured a slightly different track listing.

A1 10:15 Saturday Night 3:40
A2 Accuracy 2:15
A3 Grinding Halt 2:48
A4 Another Day 3:39
A5 Object 2:58
A6 Subway Song 1:58
B1 Foxy Lady 2:25
B2 Meat Hook 2:16
B3 So What 2:34
B4 Fire In Cairo 3:19
B5 It's Not You 2:41
B6 Three Imaginary Boys 4:21