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SUN RA: The Soul Vibrations of Man (180 gram vinyl) LP

SUN RA: The Soul Vibrations of Man (180 gram vinyl) LP

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Saturn Research has just reissued one of the more harder to find LP’s in the massive Sun Ra catalogue that is pilling from reissue labels all over the world. With Saturn being the first label and Ra’s personal imprint, whenever a title gets pulled from the depths from them the Sun Ra community immediately takes notice. Saturn printed over a 100 different titles in Sun Ra’s vast body of recorded works from the early 50′s to the 80′s and early 90′s. The Soul Vibrations of Man is the LP Saturn is launching out with the 180 gram vinyl treatment and was released in the year of 1976 to help finance the growing touring and recording Ra was doing around this period. In the second half of 1970, The Arkestra recorded well over 20 studio and live recordings, one of the most active periods of the band. The Soul Vibrations of Man is a live outing that captures the group in Chicago at one of the famous Jazz Showcase events in the year of 1977, the same year it was pressed and released under the catalogue number 771. With a 15+ member band on this date, Ra plays various assortments of synthesizers and organ over the backdrop of ancient Ethiopian cosmic space jazz. Half shades of abstract musings towards pointlessness and non formal shapes to the prophetic declamations of his written works over the pulsating features of his band. The famous piece The Shadow World which graces many Ra LP’s is given the full kaleidoscopic sonic space voyage the note configurations allow. This is one of the compositions that is highly advanced, technical and very out there.

Part I, Volume VII
A1 Sometimes The Universe Speaks
A2 Pleiades
A3 Third Heaven / When There Is No Sun
Part II, Volume VII
B1 Halloween In Harlem
B2 Untitled Improvisation / The Shadow World