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SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA: Super-Sonic Jazz LP (180gr)

SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA: Super-Sonic Jazz LP (180gr)

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Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Super-Sonic Jazz – 180 Gram Vinyl Record

Super-Sonic Jazz is the debut studio album by Sun Ra and His Arkestra, released in 1956. It marked the beginning of Sun Ra’s prolific career as a bandleader and composer, and it showcased his innovative approach to jazz and his unique musical vision.

The album features a blend of traditional jazz elements with experimental and avant-garde influences, showcasing Sun Ra’s fascination with outer space and science fiction themes. The compositions on “Super-Sonic Jazz” range from energetic and lively tunes to more introspective and atmospheric pieces. Sun Ra’s piano playing is a prominent feature throughout the album, accompanied by the dynamic and intricate arrangements of the Arkestra, which includes saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “India,” a vibrant and rhythmically complex composition that showcases Sun Ra’s skills as a composer and arranger. The track highlights the improvisational prowess of the Arkestra members, with spirited solos and collective interplay.

Super-Sonic Jazz laid the foundation for Sun Ra’s future explorations in music, both in terms of style and thematic content. It exemplifies his unique ability to push the boundaries of jazz and incorporate elements of free jazz, modal jazz, and experimental sounds into his compositions. The album reflects Sun Ra’s visionary approach to music, where he sought to create a new language of sound that defied conventions and embraced the limitless possibilities of the cosmic universe.

Super-Sonic Jazz is an important record in the discography of Sun Ra and His Arkestra, representing the early stages of their creative evolution and their contribution to the avant-garde jazz movement. It remains a captivating and influential work that showcases Sun Ra’s distinctive musical voice and his desire to explore uncharted musical territories.

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Track Listing
Advice To Medics
Super Blonde
Soft Talk
Sunology – Part 2
Kingdom Of Not
Portrait Of The Living Sky
Blues At Midnight
El Is A Sound Of Joy
Springtime In Chicago
Medicine For A Nightmare