EVIL DEAD: 'Deadite Cheryl' Face Mask (Limited edition)

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Officially licensed merchandise from Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic EVIL DEAD.

The Kandarian demons from Grindhouse Releasing have been busy producing groovy new merchandise to commemorate THE EVIL DEAD’s triumphant return to Drive-In theaters across North America. We encourage everyone to stay safe, cover their ugly mugs and shelter in their fruit cellars with this groovy new cloth face mask featuring Deadite Cheryl!

For those who don’t have the GUTS to see this horror classic on the big-screen, a VERY limited amount of EVIL DEAD masks and ‘EVIL DEAD 2020 Drive-In Tour’ shirts will be available from the Grindhouse Releasing web store.

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art by Maegan LeMay



16cm x 21cm