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  • DWARVES: Free Cocaine 1986-88 LP (Limited Edition)
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DWARVES: Free Cocaine 1986-88 2LP (Limited Edition)

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Originally Released in 1999, this much sought after vinyl package is back with new art and a suave ass gatefold jacket!

Mixing the releases "Lucifer's Crank", "Toolin' For a Warm Teabag" and other early Dwarves singles, EPs and unreleased tracks this is the noise rock Dwarves at their most untamed. Zero production value, maximum profanity. Hits include Eat You To Survive, Fucking Life, Free Cocaine, I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend and Dead Brides in White.

Track Listing

  • Free Cocaine
  • Dead Brides In White
  • Let's Get Pregnant
  • Fukking Life
  • Eat You To Survive
  • She's Dead
  • I'm In A Head
  • Nobody Likes Me
  • Hurricane Fighter Plane
  • Lesbian Nun
  • I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
  • Sit On My Face
  • That's Rock n' Roll
  • I'm A Man
  • Strange Movies
  • Motherfukker
  • She's Dead
  • Fukkhead
  • Fuck So Good
  • Real Creepy
  • Hate Street
  • Crawl
  • I'm Not Talking
  • Zap Gun
  • Don't Feel Alright
  • The Creep
  • Andy's Poem
  • Fukking Life
  • Sit On My Face
  • I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend (Alternative Version)
  • Fukkhead