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  • DISCHARGE: Early Demos - March / June 1977 (red vinyl) LP
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DISCHARGE: Early Demos - March / June 1977 (red vinyl) LP

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The whole record screams of the early days of young, snotty, pissed off punks filled with teen angst. If you're a Discharge completist want to see the very start of this hugely influential band, or if you're really into raw, primal '77 punk sound you should check this out. A cool document from the very beginning of what was to become a legendary influential group.

Red vinyl.

A1 I Don't Care 2:03
A2 Sweet Suburban Dreams 1:27
A3 Living In The City 3:54
A4 Acne 2:34
A5 I Love Dead Babies 1:34
A6 Pigs 1:58
B1 Under My Feet 2:16
B2 No Time For Romance 3:19
B3 There's No Future USA 2:02
B4 Acne (Alternate Version) 2:00
B5 Pigs (Alternate Version) 1:52
B6 Do Or Die 2:02
B7 Pause 1:36