DEATH GAME (1977) CD: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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The DEATH GAME soundtrack has been recently uncovered and restored by Grindhouse Releasing.

For years, a mysterious unlabeled tape sat in a Los Angeles storage unit, until the contents were finally identified as the long-lost original soundtrack to DEATH GAME by Jimmie Haskell. Now, thanks to the restoration efforts of Dave Eck of Lucky Mastering, the DEATH GAME soundtrack is available for the first time ever. This unforgettable soundtrack perfectly captures the hedonistic and tense, unsettling atmosphere of the film. The CD contains bonus tracks and comes in a full-color sleeve that fits perfectly inside the deluxe edition Blu-ray slipcover, making it a truly collectible item for DEATH GAME fanatics.

  1. 'Good Old Dad' vocals by Sally & Scottie
  2. 'Classical #1'
  3. 'Jacuzzi'
  4. 'San Francisco Bay'
  5. 'Just Jazz'
  6. 'Classical #2'
  7. 'The Killing'
  8. 'Cat Throw'
  9. 'The Vigil'
  10. 'We're Home' vocals by Maxine Weldon
  11. 'A.W.B. Type'
  12. 'Tout Suite'