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  • CITIZENS ARREST: Colossus (color vinyl)
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CITIZENS ARREST: Colossus (color vinyl)

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Citizens Arrest were a hardcore punk band that formed in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and existed from 1988-1990. They played a bunch of shows at legendary punk venues like CBGBs and ABC No Rio. Considered to be a seminal New York hardcore band by many, their short-lived reign exists within a demo, a 7" EP, some comp tracks, and a full-length album. Heavily influenced by S.O.A., Negative FX, and Siege, this record amalgamates gruff vocals with extremely raw, fast hardcore.
This discography release contains pretty much everything they recorded including their 1989 demo, 7", compilation tracks, album, unreleased Red C cover with Daryl on vocals, and a live recording with Daryl on vocals. The 8" live flexi was left out due to its bad sound quality. All copies come housed in quality gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster and zine styled booklet with old photos and additional information about each release.



1989 Demo
A1 Serve And Protect
A2 Start Again
A3 Fortress
A4 Dixon Instrumental
A5 Grand Mall
A6 I Won't Allow
A7 Pressure's On
A8 Woodstock
A9 Death Threat
A10 In The Distance
A Light In The Darkness
B1 Serve And Protect
B2 In The Distance
B3 Fortress
B4 A Light In The Darkness
B5 Woodstock
B6 Without Peace
Compilation Tracks
B7 Death Threat
B8 I Won't Allow
B9 Existence
B10 Pain
B11 Pressure's On
Colossus LP
C1 Utopia
C2 Briviba
C3 Touch And Go
C4 Number
C5 Through The Mist
C6 Suffer Now
D1 C.D.R.F.
D2 Activate
D3 Pain
D4 Agony God
D5 Paper Cuts
D6 Burst Of Silence