BROWN ACID: The Fifth Trip - Heavy Rock from the American Comedown Era compilation LP

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"We’re back! And the hits just keep coming. For the Fifth lysergic journey, we’ve assembled 10 heavy slabs of obscure rock the likes of which have never been seen before… not in this form anyhow. And as usual, the tracks from these impossibly rare records have all been fully cleared through the artists themselves. We’ve gone to great lengths to get the best possible master sources, the worst case scenario being an original 45. ‘Cuz it ain’t worth doing unless you do it right.

The legendary Captain Foam kicks off this Trip like an anvil to your skull with a rollicking stomper sounding like The Who with Matt Pike’s thunderous guitar tone. “No Reason” is a track we’ve been wanting to share with you boneheads since the start. Captain Foam (aka Richard Bertram) wasn’t easy to find, but lo and behold, our super sleuths located him and got his blessing to include the A-side of his sole single here for you. Good luck finding an original copy of the record. It’s rarer than raw beef.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The other nine tracks continue the onslaught in typical Brown Acid form. You may be familiar with George Brigman’s psychedelic punk masterpiece “Jungle Rot”, but you don’t know Split until you’ve heard the charmingly disjointed bedroom-fi production of “Blowin’ Smoke”. Finch sounds way out of time (1968) and place (Milwaukee) on the grungeadelic anthem “Nothing In The Sun”. Cybernaut’s heavy prog — giving their Canadian cohorts Rush a run for their money — and Flasher’s “Icky Bicky” boogie prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our neighbors to the north can rock with the best of ‘em. Meanwhile, Fargo’s hallucinogenic BBQ sauce soaked “Abaddon” and Mammoth’s fittingly beefy eponymous riff-monger continue the long line of heavies from the Lone Star State. Ohio based screamers Lance features members of Inside Experience, who you might recall from the Third Trip. Zebra’s gritty rendition of “Helter Skelter” is most likely the way Charles Manson heard the song in his head. And finally, the mysterious and previously unheard Thor appears here exclusively and for the first time ever with their unknown 45 track “Lick It”. Many thanks to our pal Mike Vegh for turning us on to this one.

Speaking of turn ons, we love hearing about rare hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal records. So, if you know something we don’t, please drop us a line. If we’re able to track and include a record you hip us to, we’ll gladly give you props on a future volume. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing all the hard work ourselves and you can keep reaping the benefits…. until we kill all your braincells.” - RidingEasy Records
Captain Foam – No Reason 
Canton, Ohio
Bold Records

George Brigman and Split – Blowin’ Smoke 
Baltimore, Maryland
Solid Records

Finch – Nothing In The Sun 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Clockwork – Cybernaut 
Quebec, Canada

Fargo – Abaddon 
Oak Cliff, Texas

Mammoth – Mammoth 
San Antonio, Texas
United World Records

Flasher – Icky Bicky 
Vancouver, British Columbia
Criminal Records

Lance – Fireball 
Fremont, Ohio 

Zebra – Helter Skelter 
Hollywood, California 

Thor – Lick It
Huntsville, Alabama
Stars and Bars