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  • BAD BRAINS: Black Dots LP
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A1 Don't Need It
A2 At The Atlantis
A3 Pay To Cum
A4 Supertouch/Shitfit
A5 Regulator
A6 You're A Migraine
A7 Don't Bother Me
A8 Banned In D.C

B1 Why'd You Have To Go?
B2 The Man Won't Annoy Ya
B3 Redbone In The City
B4 Black Dots
B5 How Low Can A Punk Get?
B6 Just Another Damn Song
B7 Attitude
B8 Send You No Flowers

Originally released in 1996, recordings from 1979.

BAD BRAINS: Darryl, Earl, Dr. Know, HR

By the early summer of 1979 the Bad Brains were already tearing up Washington D.C. They were armed with a tape they made at rehearsal, a real rugged thing, and were looking for people to play it to. The Slickee Boys heard it and suggested the band go out to record these songs at the fledgling Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA.

At that time, Inner Ear was Don Zientara's basement. Don had a four-track Teac 1/4" tape deck and a small drum booth to one side of the basement. Doc and Darryl set up in the main space while Earl somehow got himself into the "closet" with his drum kit. HR was in the backyard with the vocal mic (you can hear Don's son speaking to HR between tracks along with some crickets, too) and Don was set up in the kitchen upstairs.

All the material on this record was written while the band lived together in a house on Bayway in Maryland. Doc had acquired the house from the manager of the Rustler Steak House where he had been working. HR and Darryl got jobs there as well, though they didn't last and ended up washing cars at the dealership down the street. Earl was washing clothes at the community hospital.

The next step was their first club shows; at the Atlantis (later named the 9:30 Club) and Madam's Organ, conquering the D.C. punk/new wave scene with their sonic onslaught and clever musical curves. It was at this point that this record was made. Darryl got thrown out into the street by the bouncers after the band opened for The Damned at the Bayou, resulting in the band being banned from the club. With the Atlantis in reconstruction and the Bayou now off-limits, Bad Brains would soon answer the call of the New York scene, but it would be wrong to say they never looked back.