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THE BEYOND: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Expanded Edition (Fabio Frizzi) 2LP (color vinyl)

THE BEYOND: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Expanded Edition (Fabio Frizzi) 2LP (color vinyl)

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…E tu vivrai nel terrore!

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is very proud to present Fabio Frizzi’s score to Lucio Fulci’s classic The Beyond, now available completely unabridged on vinyl!

Blind prophets of doom, jars of acid in the face, tongue-munching spiders and much, much more awaits anyone foolish enough to venture into… L’ALDILÀ! Lucio Fulci continued his string of gore-drenched horror films - following Zombi 2, City of the Living Dead and Black Cat - with this atmospheric, surrealist stomach-churner, which many consider to be his best work.

Inheriting a Louisiana hotel sounds like a dream come true, but for Liza it soon turns into a nightmare made real when she discovers that the Seven Doors Hotel was in fact built over one of the seven gates to Hell. Plagued with ghostly visitations and ghastly freak accidents - not to mention a hospital filled with marauding zombies - Liza and local doctor John must fight for their lives, but can they escape what lies… Beyond?

A stark warning for anyone who dares to explore the dark world of hotel management, The Beyond is a feverish cinematic experience, boasting other-worldly cinematography and graphic violence. But its most memorable attribute is Fabio Frizzi’s score. Seeped in melancholy and swirled with complex, memorable melodies, Frizzi’s soundtrack complements the on-screen carnage by grounding the surrealistic nature of Fulci’s horror, creating a disorientating yet unforgettable experience.

Expanded into a double LP release and cut at 45rpm for extra fidelity, this audiophile pressing presents Fabio Frizzi’s complete original score on vinyl for the very first time, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring archival artwork from the Sea of Darkness itself.…And you will live in fear!
  • All of Fabio Frizzi’s original cues from Lucio Fulci’s horror masterpiece
  • Remastered from vault elements and presented unabridged on vinyl for the first time
  • Pressed at 45rpm for extra fidelity
  • Presented on limited edition “Joe the Plumber’s Zombie Bathtub Soup” colored vinyl
  • Gatefold jacket featuring archival artwork


Side A
1. Oltre la soglia
2. Oltre la soglia
3. Voci dal nulla
4. Sequenza coro e orchestra
5. Suono aperto

Side B
1. Voci dal nulla
2. Oltre la soglia
3. Giro di blues
4. Verso l'ignoto

Side C
1. Suono aperto
2. Sequenza ritmica e tema
3. Voci dal nulla
4. Oltre la soglia
5. Sequenza ritmica e tema

Side D
1. Verso l'ignoto
2. Voci dal nulla
3. Suono aperto
4. Sequenza coro e orchestra
5. Voci dal nulla