RUST: Damned Hellish Voids LP


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BAND OF THE WEEK: RUST (Sweden, black thrash)

"like 3 years ago or something, at a dj night with the LET THE STREETS BURN crew, i was given the RUST 10" vinyl, and i thought they really had something going. then i was at Kolbotn to party two weeks ago and the first place i visited was the drummers TANK and KICKAN and there i heard the brand new RUST album and IT COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIND!! i am buying this vinyl IMMEDIATELY!!! if you like Aura Noir and vintage Darkthrone, you HAVE to hear this. they have better guitar-pulling-strings-riffs than I ever made." - Fenriz (DARKTHRONE)


A1 Sordid Landscapes  
A2 Ripping Deep  
A3 Hammers Of Hades  
B1 Crossing The Stream  
B2 Nothingness  
B3 Far Short Of Forever