UNIFORM CHOICE: Screaming For Change LP


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LP removed from shrink wrap to protect the deluxe jacket.

One of the greatest American hardcore releases ever unleashed makes its return to vinyl courtesy of the esteemed Southern Lord Records. Uniform Choice, the West Coast's answer to D.C.'s Minor Threat, only issued a few albums, but their 1986 debut Screaming for Change is a touchstone of the hardcore scene...fast and cocksure yet melodic and anthemic in all the right places. Remastered, this vinyl only reissue comes housed in a gatefold jacket with an eight page 12" x 12" bound-in booklet. An essential album from the godfathers of positive hardcore!


  1. Use Your Head
  2. My Own Mind
  3. Straight And Alert
  4. Build To Break
  5. Scream To Say
  6. Once I Cry
  7. Sometimes
  8. Screaming For Change
  9. No Thanks
  10. A Choice
  11. Big Man, Small Mind
  12. Don't Quit
  13. In Time
  14. Silenced