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  • TRUCK TURNER (1974): VHS
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After he sang the praises of a certain black private dick named Shaft (but before he started slinging hash in the little town of South Park), mega-baritone crooner Isaac Hayes got a chance to personally bust some heads in this little known but ultra-cool blaxploitation classic. Hayes (who would later spoof his rock-solid performance in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka) is the titular ex-linebacker and bounty hunter who's determined to clean up the savage streets--with extreme prejudice. A sadly neglected, primo slice of '70s guilty pleasure that boasts a dream supporting cast including Scatman Crothers, Yaphet Kotto as an evil crime boss named Harvard Blue, and Trek's Nichelle Nichols as a very un-Uhura-like, foul-mouthed lady of the evening. Fans who can't get enough of Isaac should also check out his riotous turn as the villain in Escape from New York--Andrew Wright