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  • SON OF JOR-EL: Self-Titled LP (picture disc)
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SON OF JOR-EL: Self-Titled LP (picture disc)

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"Son of Jor-El, the supergroup featuring members of Rwake, 16, Fistula, King Travolta, Scumchrist, and a handful of others, is taking its damn sweet time releasing material. First was a split 7” with Erik Larson, and now this two-song EP. While those who've wallowed in the sludge mire longer than I will appreciate the unrelenting grind of “Cosmic Blue Sunshine,” I'm picking the first track, “Rebellion,” as the one to recommend. It's got a hefty, swinging rhythm, some slick leads, and the distinct, tortured vocals of Rwake's CT. Nothing fancy to what Son of Jor-El is doing, but it's done with the finesse of a natural born serial killer."

Features members of Rwake, Fistula, Ultralord, 16, and Maxmillion. Limited edition of only 1000 copies!


Cosmic Blue Sunshine