SIEGE: Drop Dead - Complete Discography 2LP


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 limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.

Not many words needed to introduce SIEGE: they're the undisputed generators of all hyper-speed Hardcore, Grindcore and blasting fast Thrash and have massively influenced a world of maniacs bringing musical extremities to the most outrageous boundaries, the first most obvious example being Napalm Death that mentioned them as an inspiration since the "Scum" era and covered "Walls" on their legendary Mick-Shane-Bill-Lee times Peel Sessions, or Heresy that covered "Conform" and the list goes on forever! In the early '80s SIEGE paved their way into the violent Boston Hardcore scene delivering the fastest and most furious Hardcore ever heard. This double LP collection is the first ever official SIEGE release in Europe and their definitive, most complete discography to date, consisting of:

  • "Drop dead" studio session 1984
  • "Cleanse the bacteria" tracks 1984
  • Out takes from the original 1984 studio session
  • Lost session 1991 with Seth Putnam on vocals
  • UNRELEASED version of "Grim reaper"

All remastered for vinyl from the best audio sources in existence. Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with silver hot foil stamp logo on the front and partial UV print, including a booklet with rare and never seen before photos, lyrics, original artworks. 



''Drop Dead'' (1984)
A1 Drop Dead
A2 Conform
A3 Life Of Hate
A4 Starvation
A5 Armageddon
A6 Grim Reaper
"Cleanse The Bacteria" Comp. Tracks (1984)
B1 Sad But True
B2 Cold War
B3 Walls
Out Takes From The Original 1984 Studio Session
B4 Two-Faced
B5 Trained To Kill
B6 Questions Behind The Wall
B7 F-Minus
Lost Session 1991 With Seth Putnam On Vocals
C1 Death & Taxes
C2 Disregard
C3 New World Order
C4 Cameras
Session 2016
D1 Grim Reaper