SANCTUS: Music for Mars LP


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Sanctus - Music For Mars LP

 After the dissolution of Marquis De Sade in 1981 their guitarist Remo left to create an band even more epic,more progressive and more mystical than his previous outfit... SANCTUS.

In 1982 After taking one of his previous Marquis De Sade tracks (Welcome to the Graveyard) and redoing it along with A King for a King and Creature from Vercenta, the Thy Disciples Demo was released.

The band recorded a second three track demo in 1983 called Gates of Sorrow that only a handful of people worldwide had ever heard. This as well as three additional tracks will be included in this lp.

There will also be a 4 page booklet with rare photos, lyrics and a brief forward.

Buried By Time and Dust Records

A1 Creature From Vercenta
A2 Run For Cover
A3 Running Chief
A4 Haunted Dream
A5 A King For A King
B1 Welcome To The Graveyard
B2 Gates Of Sorrow
B3 4 Killer I
B4 Temple In The Sky