SANCTUS: In Nominé Dominus Et Filius Et Spiritus LP (white vinyl)


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Sanctus - In Nomine Dominus Et Filius Et Spiritus LP. 

New Wave of British Heavy Metal demos record in 1982 and 1983 by this band formed by ex-Marquis De Sade guitarist. WHITE vinyl on High Roller records label.


A1 Creature From Vercenta 7:53
A2 A King For A King 7:00
A3 Welcome To The Graveyard 7:53
B1 Run For Cover 3:08
B2 Gates Of Sorrow 4:57
B3 Temple In The Sky 8:21
B4 Running Chief 3:40
B5 Haunted Dream 3:02
B6 4 Killer I 2:34


Pressing of 300 copies on white vinyl.
Includes 425gsm heavy cardboard cover and lyric sheet.

Tracks 1 to 3 are taken from the demo "Thy Disciples" originally released in 1982
Tracks 4 to 6 are taken from the demo "Gates of Sorrow" originally released in 1983
Tracks 7 to 9 are taken from a session recorded in 1983