JERRY'S KIDS: Is This my World LP (red vinyl)


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Jerry's Kids Is This My World? on LP

Taang! Records, limited to 500 copies on red vinyl.

Formed in 1981 in Boston, MA Jerry's Kids started out with SS Decontrol, GangGreen, FUs, Freeze and Negative FX and the Boston Hardcore scene became the spotlight of American music. In 1982 a sampler of Boston bands was issued called This is Boston, Not LA. The three bands that dominated this sampler were Gang Green, The Freeze and Jerry's Kids all with more than five songs a piece.
Jerry's Kids music was heard worldwide and shortly after a follow up-comp was issued with the band's song, "Unsafe at Any Speed." 1983 saw the release of Is This My World?, Jerry's Kids debut on X-Claim Records. From the buzz of This is Boston, Not LA, Jerrys Kids LP sold 3,000 records with no promotion. Then with X-Claim out of the picture, the record went out of print. At this point, Taang! released the record on its German label, Funhouse.
Long out of print with original pressings routinely selling for over $200, Taang! is pleased to reissue the Boston hardcore legends' 1983 debut on the vinyl format once again.
Jerry's Kids Is This My World? Track Listing:
1.  I Don't Belong
2.  Cracks In The Wall
3.  Tear It Up
4.  Crucify Me
5.  Break The Mold
6.  Raise The Curtain
7.  Vietnam Syndrome
8.  Build Me A Bomb
9.  New World
10. Lost
11. No Time
12. Is This My World?