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Early Hüsker Dü recorded live in 1979-1980 pressed on double vinyl

BLACK VINYL. A 2xLP set of rare, early Hüsker Dü live recordings, featuring original flyers and artwork. Drawn from the historical Hüsker Dü recording archives compiled by Terry Katzman, this double disc live set is an essential companion piece to the band's Savage Young Du Box Set. While the SYD release principally featured studio demos, the 28 tracks presented here are the aural and enchanting equivalent of a time machine that vividly thrusts the listener straight back to Husker Du's embryonic unsheathing on stage. Side A dates to July 1979. Side B gives us a full year's evolution to July 1980, while Sides C and D land the listener in September 1980. Perhaps 120 people in total saw these three Longhorn performances. Until now, a handful at most have heard the playbacks. So, rare and fresh, it's all here: the songs, the driven performances, the small club intimacy of being in front of select friends, fans, and peers, with one fair shot at getting it right. These four sides compellingly document that you can't doubt that they did.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
    • Insects Rule The World
    • I'm Not Interested
    • Sex Dolls
    • Can't See You Anymore
    • Sexual Economics
    • Do You Remember?
    • Nuclear Nightmare
    • All Tensed Up
    • Strange Week
    • Don't Try To Call
    • Industrial Grocery Store
    • Do The Bee
    • Do You Remember?
    • Ode To Bode
    • Don't Have A Life
Disc 2:
    • All I’ve Got To Lose
    • Don't Try It
    • Writer’s Cramp
    • Gilligan’s Island
    • What Went Wrong?
    • Uncle Ron
    • MTC
    • Drug Party
    • Chinese Rock
    • Termination
    • Call On Me
    • Gravity
    • Statue

Press Quotes

Fans will have the opportunity to experience Hüsker Dü's formative live sound from a period well before the legendary underground rock trio had officially released any music.

     —Jonathan Cohen, SPIN

The set captures the trio across four performances in Minneapolis in 1979 and 1980.

     —Allison Hussey, Pitchfork

Tonite Longhorn features 28 live recordings in all, and the 2xLP edition has original artwork by Grant Hart and liner notes from Thurston Moore.

     —James Rettig, Stereogum

A fascinating peak into the band's formative years and an early glimpse at their knack for pop melody


Three shows recorded at Minneapolis club Jay's Longhorn between 1979 and 1980 capture a raw snapshot of a young band in flux, brimming with confidence and hopped up on speed ... those early Hüsker Dü sets at the Longhorn revealed a group quickly becoming fluent in punk and hardcore, foreshadowing a future in which their mastery of hooks and harmonies would transcend genre.

     —Matthew Ismael Ruiz, Pitchfork