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  • FISTULA: Longing For Infection LP + ETCHED 7" (color vinyl)
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FISTULA: Longing For Infection LP + ETCHED 7" (color vinyl)

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To commemorate 20 years of sludgecore insanity, Ohio volume abusers, FISTULA, will rerelease their 2016 Longing For Infection for a deluxe vinyl presentation. The scathing follow-up to the band’s critically-adored 2014 sludge opus, Vermin Prolificus, Longing For Infection was recorded and engineered by Dave Johnson (MIDNIGHT, INCANTATION, SOULLESS) and features the return of FISTULA founding member Bahb Branca on second guitar, furthering the band’s already torrid brand of sonic violence. This deluxe reissue features additional guitars, remixed drums, unreleased track, all new artwork including a poster by Maegan LeMay, plus an additional bonus 7” to bring you Longing For Infection like you’ve never heard it before!!!

Track List

  1. Too Many Devils And Drugs
  2. Morgue Attendant
  3. The Big Turnout
  4. Destitute
  5. Smoke Acid Shoot Pills
  6. Loyal To The Foil
  7. Detox
  8. El Camino (SLOTH cover)
  9. Caveman (POST-MORTEM cover) bonus etched 7”


Pressing Information

50x Heavyweight, 180 gram clear vinyl. DOOMED & STONED FESTIVAL exclusive. (tour only)

100x Clear vinyl, 140 gram.

150x Orange vinyl with Black splatter.

200x White vinyl


Longing For Infection is going to boil down, for most people, to how much they like their music kept old school, and how absurd they like their content. When you break down this album, it’s something that Joe D’Amato and Lucio Fulci would be proud of in terms of grisliness, and Mario Bava would love because of how colorful it can be. It’s over-the-top, tongue in-cheek and merciless.”



FISTULA makes dark, hideous music. It celebrates the boils of life and the vices that numb the self-hatred. The music parallels these feelings with nasty, bludgeoning riffs and rhythms. Audiences that want to unearth the corpse of good taste should tap a vein with this.”



Longing For Infection flows remarkably well as an album, and the all-new songs here are crushing, with ‘Loyal To The Foil’s rancid, dopesick groove, ‘Too Many Devils And Drugs’ rambunctious ’80s hardcore streak and the strung out yet bizarrely catchy ‘Detox’ proving once again that when it comes to sludge, FISTULA have got it covered.”


“Gloomy and overwhelmingly heavy, ‘Longing for an Infection’ is a sludge metal gem that incorporates bits of hardcore, doom and stoner metal to form a deadly concoction. FISTULA’s noisy, obnoxious take on the style is something I’d recommend to any extreme music fan. Get this record and let the filth drown you and your miserable life.”


“It’s party music for morbid, drug-addled misanthropes, and it sounds like how I imagine Bowen’s Basement looks, but with more dirty needles and snuff-porn. Shower after listening.”