BROKEN BONES: Decapitated LP


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This LP-compilation collects the band's 1984-'86 singles, including the debut 7-inch 'Depitated' and the 'Crucifix' 7-inch, along with the 'Seeing Through My Eyes!' 10-inch and the 'Never Say Die' 12-inch. Broken Bones was formed in 1983 by Discharge members and brothers Tony "Bones" Roberts and Terry "Tezz" Roberts, who -just in time- rescued UK punk from oblivion.

A1 Decapitated
A2 I.O.U.
A3 Crucifix
A4 Problem
A5 Fight The Good Fight
A6 Liquidated Brains
B1 Seeing Through My Eyes
B2 The Point Of Agony
B3 Never Say Die
B4 Death Is Imminent
B5 10, 5 Or A Dime
B6 Decapitated Pt. 2

Tracks compiled from previous 7"s, 10" and 12" (1983 - 1986):
A1, A4, A6 originally appeared on "Decapitated" 7".
A2, A3, A5 originally appeared on "Crucifix" 7".
B1, B2, B4, B6 originally appeared on "Seeing Through My Eyes" 10".
B3, B5 originally appeared on "Never Say Die" 12".