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  • BLOWFLY: Blowfly's Zodiac Party LP
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BLOWFLY: Blowfly's Zodiac Party LP

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New/sealed vinyl

Weird World Records Lp WW-2031
What's your sign? From Aires to Pisces, the unbelievable BlowFly touches every sign of the zodiac on this album with his own astrological readings on what turns each of us on. BlowFly himself says he's an of those impetuous daring water bearers who like to talk and tell it like they like it. This, the fourth of the fabulous BlowFly albums, is guaranteed to warm up your stereo set as the BlowFly cooks his way across the calendar. Like all Aquarians, BlowFly is pretty cock-sure about his Zodiacal interpretations, so if you want to put your friend in place (Any place you dig, baby), let 'em in on BlowFly's reading of his chart. If you're a disc jockey reading this, even if you're a Scorpio, we don't suggest you play this record on the air. The Zodiac BlowFly album is strictly for consenting adults and must be used in the privacy of your own home. 

Side one (Disco Pussy) . 
Cum and Eat it Out
Capricorn (Disco Pussy) 
Sagittarius (Disco Pussy) 
Pass the Pussy Around
Gemini (Disco Pussy) 
Leo (Disco Pussy) 
Ass Freak
Cancer (Disco Pussy) 

Side two (Cum & Shit) 
Scorpio (Cum & Shit) 
Virgo (Cum & Shit)
Keep This Old Pussy Cumming
Taurus (Cum & Shit) 
Pisces (Cum & Shit) 
Libra (Cum & Shit) 
Aquarius (Cum & Shit)