ARTILLERY: Fear of Tomorrow 2LP (blue marbled vinyl)


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 Artillery is one of Europe's earliest and most important exponents of thrash metal, and the band's contribution to the burgeoning genre is difficult to ignore. The Danish quartet successfully managed to fuse an abrasive brutality with technicality and strong melodies, with the noteworthy guitar leads of the Stützer-brothers serving as highlights. For the first time in over 30 years, Artillery's bedrock 1985 debut Fear of Tomorrow is being reissued on vinyl! The album, originally released by Neat Records (home of Venom and Raven among many others) has been fully remastered as a double LP with three bonus studio tracks added, compiling the full Fear of Tomorrow recording session on one album for the first time ever. The deluxe packaging features a gatefold jacket filled with photos, flyers and other ephemera from the era plus a two-sided insert with full lyrics.



  1. Time Has Come
  2. The Almighty
  3. Show Your Hate
  4. King, Thy Name Is Slayer
  5. Out of the Sky
  6. Into the Universe


  1. The Eternal War
  2. Fear of Tomorrow
  3. Deeds of Darkness
  4. Out of the Sky (bonus)
  5. Fear of Tomorrow (bonus)
  6. Hey Woman (bonus)